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  • Deep Relax Massage

    A balanced combination of traditional Swedish method infused with elements of a deep tissue massage and alignment techniques. Deeper pressure and flowing strokes enhance balance and well-being.

    not rated $70.00
  • Deep Tissue Massage

    Release yourself from the chronic muscle tension that can burden your daily activities. Essential for those feeling the “stress” that life can dish out.

    not rated $75.00
  • Hot Stone Massage

    Hot Volcanic stones increase circulation and metabolism as heated energy decreases pain and muscle spasms. Cold marble decreases inflammation. Together these stones create a well-balanced, detoxifying treatment.


    not rated $95.00
  • Pregnancy Massage

    A relaxing Swedish technique that removes toxins and relieves muscular pain, headaches, swelling, and stress. This treatment improves circulation and neuromuscular response which makes Mom feel better. A happy Mom means a happy and healthy baby. We like that.

    not rated $65.00
  • Swedish Massage

    The use of therapeutic and calming properties of custom blended essential oils that reduce conditions such as stress, insomnia, and tension.

    not rated $65.00
  • Thai Herbal Stem Massage

    A well-rounded treatment using Swedish, Lomi Lomi massage techniques combined with choreographed gentle yoga stretches designed to help improve flexibility, relax the mind and detoxify the body.

    not rated $125.00