the story of spiritus

It seems like yesterday Taneal was at a cubicle contemplating how to create change to alter her life’s direction. The leap has paid off.
Based in beautiful West Vancouver, Spiritus Wellness invites you to visit our boutique spa and discover relaxation. Taneal’s passion for holistic healing manifests by the attention into her treatments and product development. The central part of the company is to educate and elevate people to live their best and healthiest life. Taneal knows and shows clients that if they take the time to care for themselves, your ‘self’ will care for you in return. Trained in multiple massage techniques, Taneal has designed treatments to ease tight muscles, soothe aching bodies and help you relax. Every action at Spiritus Wellness is part of the journey that leads to a healthy mind-body connection.

Spiritus Wellness uses and sells a handmade, small-batch line of body products including bath blends, body butter, sugar scrubs, body wash and lotions designed to make your skin look healthy and feel loved. Taneal was unhappy with the amount of ingredient found in her early designs so she went back to the lab. The reformulated new product line is now a shining star for the company and something she’s not only proud to use, promote and sell, she uses them every day. The happiness of your skin, the largest organ, is important to support balanced and prosperous mind-body connection will love how their skin feels after using a Spiritus Wellness product. The shelf-life of the products range from eight to twelve months. We believe in customer satisfaction and to support that belief, we’ve included a guarantee in all Spiritus Wellness shipments.

Every day Taneal is blessed by the wellness of her clients. She is gracious for the happiness life has afforded her so far.